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Brown and Lucian Sharpe, who undertook the manufacturing of the machines. Brown and Sharpe were beset with problems and it was 8 months before the first 50 Willcox and Gibbs machines, of the original 100 commissioned orders were finished.

Work began early in 1858 with the local New England Butt Company casting the frames. Luckily the machine was in instant success and soon the orders were rolling in.

Towards the end of the production the serial numbers changed from the ‘A’ prefix number to ‘B’ prefix numbers and the machines had scalloped bases.

The Willcox & Gibb company finally closed down in 1973.

We have a few small bases that fit 3/4 size machines but have no tool space on the end (like you would get with a Spartan) - those are plus shipping. We don't have all of our items in the site yet so if you don't see the item that you want listed, please email me and ask if we have it.

(New York) was formed in 1857 by James Willcox and his son Charles, of Philadelphia and James E. Willcox was a forward thinking businessman and was in charge of production He hired the services of the Providence, Rhode Island company of Joseph R.

Gibbs patented his first practical single thread rotary twisted chain stitch machine for domestic use in 1856.

Between 18 industrial machines were introduced under the names ‘Straw’, ‘Bag’ and ‘Handstitch’ machines and in 1889 a 2 thread ‘overlock’ machine which was able to produce 3000 stitches a minute.

In 1889 the first Willcox and Gibbs lockstitch machines appeared on the market.

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