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Birds are leaving Antonio Bay in huge flocks, and dogs are barking madly! Here comes someone...oh, he's crying over the dead thing, but he doesn't indicate whether or not it's actually a bear. Is it going to brush Stevie's hair into a big swirling ponytail that reads "6 must die"? NJLC and Capt Smallville just took a boat out and found The Sea Grass. If the contents of that waterlogged book are legible after 100 years or however long it's been, I swear I'm punching this movie in the neck. There's weird windchime sounds and pounding and her computer screen is going nuts and god help me the fucking Or even a remotely frightening one? NJLC is wandering around the morgue (don't ask) and the guy who got a knife in the eye and is dead gets up from the gurney..he's fully-clothed..his eye looks fine. The fog just pulled Metal Detector Dude out to sea. OK, it's also enveloped the weather station and now New Charles Cyphers is gonna get it. She has found a book or something behind some bricks in the wall and .After watching this, I am done with looking at Rotten Tomatoes for reviews. Im going to agree with the opinion that Disney trashed this star wars movie, its sorta garbage, and im a HUGE starwars fan.Edit: Cinematography at times and special effects were top notch but that doesnt save a garbage story / plot / direction.

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She and Captain Smallville already know each other in That Special Way, it seems. And she just got hit by a truck..a cliff..into the drink she goes! I never thought I'd say this, but please..Stevie Wayne.

The legacy of Luke Skywalker was lame in this new installment, and very disappointing. I really believe these critics have very bad judgement on movies, and should be ignored.

After watching this, I am done with looking at Rotten Tomatoes for reviews. The Last Jedi sucked and I hated how they portrayed Luke Skywalker.

Their carefree ways will be their ultimate undoing...their folly, if you will. One of the party girls does some automatic writing on a fogged-up window..out, it's the . Wait, NJLC is watching the footage...yup, it sure proves his innocence! New Charles Cyphers dropped his lantern and set himself on fire. This is the only thing I've seen her in- is she always this bad? There's absolutely no tension here, and the fog itself doesn't seem like a threat whatsoever.

Away to a boring conversation between Captain Smallville and New Jamie Lee Curtis! Now we meet Father New Hal Holbrook- he's really drunk and really greasy and really sweaty. OK, so the fog shows up and there's a ghost ship but then the ghost ship vanishes. Then they found all the dead bodies, and I found myself laughing at the bad acting. And why is NJLC wearing a coat that's right outta Sergeant Fucking Pepper? And now he's being blamed for all the other deaths. Capt Smallville has stolen some evidence- a videocamera- which might prove The Black Guy's innocence! It's certainly best to keep something like that out of the hands of the police. NJLC brought the book to Father New Hal Holbrook and it's all totally legible. OK, so someone is spray painting the scales of justice on tombstones. He says "Blood for blood" and collapses to the floor. Hey, finally a black figure in the f- oh, now it's gone.

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