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31 Vsrne-a (Jnlu) %(raban the Infiezihie » Wchnar's (Hn.) Da JTad U and the Cro&xaxieitnt i. Stanmora 1^», 47, si, 77, M, IST (Srealay Ki D^tlon, llie US HMnpahl TS n Ma and Qnarlos n Ba.n&otng'a Walbantal) Ancaitry ,„ S7A Heine and mihelm MUIar ... Overy, who was town clerk in 1473, The charters date from the reign of Henry II.

S e (F, M.) What it Bight - Sire and Telloto a Sight Wood'* (KMa) Wino M:»m.)Tht"Light. Dark Lad; (Tha) of Bhakapars'i Bonneu and Ulatreaa Mary Picton S. tppnr ai mno T» '* sbariinla Uaage fi (ikurei dral . tilt And«nc IJrl Bh »M,«3 - 30, 47, " — m Hanohairtor Catha- tv,. Idtha Homecka SW, 377 Gt*ek Inacriptton at Bn[ig:b-Dndsr. One of theso records, known as the "Paxbread," contains a free translation of the Anglo-Norman ordinances made by Will.

,f Ha.) Qt Mn Aniethttl Boyi' Gum Boot, The Braj'a (Mra. I Paitily Feat I Brbdia'a (Bmil;) Norman and Bltie ... luilrated Seripture Bitlorg V-fl Sff Col Unsmwd'a (H.) The Pirate Itland . Dndlsr'a (B.) King Fo, t Dnnboyna'a (Ladj)Summerta'ndd Tii Bgrf(imoiffl;8 {E.l^iiueer Storiet_ K.) ei — , .) Daddt liarwin'*: ferte Bootifbr Chiidren « Xenhardoe Si Sileer Ci Ami 8i 'a (Q. " Quod nou fecerant Ga Ui, id fecernnt Ang U." The new church, commemorating Biahop "Wilberforce, is a good example of Mr. Space will not permit more than the bare mention of the French church, full of inter- estiug associations, and the older religious foundations of St. Tho author is a Hereford- shire squire who visited the West in company with two friends, evidently with an eye to the agricultural capabilities of the country; and every page bears evidence to his practical acquaintance with soils, cattle, and tillage. Again, among a number of other queer spellings, we have Popitliu Fretmanti (p. They are apt to resent a bribe, even in the comparatively unsidstantial form of a dedication ; and they may bo tempted to pick holes rather than to find boantiea in the work of one who has made an attompt upon their virtue.

F.) Stceet Byar Bort B'B(E.) The Frtnah Pri K, Bla! B.) Bitloriei U Biographtei 187 Garre M'B (K.) By Sli U Watert 187 Glbama's (Agnes) Beryl and Pearl ... The architect then omployed — an honest man according to his light — and the carpenters who carried out the " improvements " in 1833, completed the destruction of the edifice. Michael's, in which Perpendicular work has been engrafted upon Early English, are the two churches next in importance, most of the others being of modern date. Nor does a perusal of the book itself disappoint us. 61) being a tree known to dendrologists ; perhaps Ficea amabil U is meant. It appears that certain unknown writers, who having "done good by stealth" muat now "blush to find it fame," wore discerning enough to porcflive tho merits of a previous work from tho pen of thia ingenuous author, and they ore rewarded for their discernment by four pages of eloquent acknowledgment which muat make every sensitive reviewer yearn to be tho recipient of a like honour. — reviewers, howsoever aenaitivo, have their Ut Ue punct Hio B.

Google This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online. Baddeley and Wsrd's Guide to Korth Watei IS Ba Un Diins'a (Ser}t.) The Old World andtheffea 3S Bunptou'a IC.\ Prank Imeard 4! Swan's 2Rr« Ttari in Wathington Territory, which treat« of the same district as that in which Mrs. Her visit to Britbh Columbia was confined to Victoria, though no one, from reading her pages, would suppose that the long-standing dispute regarding San Juan was settled years ago. It ia, per- haps, almost needless to add that the pub- lishers have not thought fit to supply an index as a clue to these 238 pages of un- systematic memoranda extending over seven- teen years. In books like Veniu' Dosei there is plenty of a certain kind of ekill, but it is the skill of the artificer ; and we would gladly exchange it all for even the unskilful clumsiness of creative power in its 'prfntice rtoge.

It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain. Banllold's (P.) Hfe and Speeekee of Lard Eandol^ Chnrehill ,, Bari Dg-tl T. H.) Hoi BMiographtr, The a^ee'de F'.'n Uon""'^ ..n ™ a Bim'i (C) Hufher Sdaca Ooit in Orr- mant and Snaland U ^edem Cheie „ Ji fiiaut'a (A.) Note* of the Anti-Corn- Lav Sirnaal* ii Baii Da Td's (j T) Lei Tradnetiont de la Bible en Vert franpai* an Moten Bonwie'k's'd')' Tfe Lo^' Titimanian Bate ! Occasionally Violet Torke ana Esmee Verner remind us of Mrs.

Bameby's before he is too old to appreciate his good fortune. We may also poiat oat that there are several misprints which bad better be limked to when, the day for correc- tions arrives. — that one bewails the presence of eyes that did not see, ears that did not hear, and opportunities lost, never to return. Leighton saw — as did the writer of these lines— the North-west in its earliest and, he will continue to think, its best and most romantic daya, and left it when the trapper, the hunter, and, to a considerable extent, the gold-digger and the lumberman had given place to the land-jobber and the railroad engineer. Mias Ida Ashworth Taylor has more literary aptitude and better command over her materials than Mr.

We allow, however, that it is hard to slaughter the innocents, or for an inexperienced author to acquire that literary perspective which enables him to see that what was at the time of interest to himself may be of no import- ance to those who neither ate the breakfasts, visited the Colonial judges, heard their wives sing, nor are likely to profit by the "unearned increment " on the Cordova Bay " lot " which we trust may he Mr. In truth, it is rather "thin," lacks grasp, and in nearly every chapter is so sketchy— shill we say feminine ? When we can add, with our hand upon our heart, that the characters in Sorrowfid yet Lucky are quite alive and realisable, and that the tone of the book is commendably healthy, we really think we may claim a slwre in the author's next dedication.

, Leionrtrt _ Taylor'a (S,) Prq/U Sharing between Tnrnerelli, Br, Tract, Avtoiiographt 1 (Dr. J.) Smollett et yiee UB:t{].)Jottph Iiieieet II Wh Jt QCj'B (1. Abbot and Roahbrooke'B Tradition qf Ihe Stnoptic Goipele VX Boudman'e, Carti Ba and Bco W'a Oir- rent Bitenttions in Theology .- ... H.) Clement'* Splitlee to Tirgin* l Ofl Coi'B (B.) Jflr Ml M 7* Qabbardt and Hanack's Texte und Unlertuc Knnoen •"* Qetehie Ut dir altthriitl Uihen Literatur MB HUaenlald'B Btangt Hor UM teeundun Sebraeot, An 100 Lip Bloa'a (Prof.) Die apocrtphen Apoe- Mneec Aic Atenund Apotteliegenden... H.) Bnglith Church Bit- tarvfrom JWitol SXI SO Jfew Imitation qf Chriit, A 7( Ta Jl'B (aer. T.) Latin Paeeage* for Practieein Unieen Traatlatton ... After expe- riencing many fluctuations, it had become in the last century more of a watering-place than a port, and thus it remained until the con- struction of the docks and its solection as the depot for foreign steam services more than revived its ancient prosperity. Barnehy and his friends left cards, where or with whom he dined, how he changed his plan here or there, whether he had a good or an indifferent breakfast, and why he bought one land lot in preference t A another which his companion acquired. Hedid not see mnoh of British Columbia, and hence, perhaps, his observation that the interior of Vancouver Island "has not been surveyed." In reality, it is for the most part une^lored, little, if anything, having been done in that direction since the conclusion of my own work nearly twenty years ago ; while it is incorrect to say that Vancouver possesses a drier climate than the mainland (p. Her book is, moreover, a very small one, no attempt having been made to present a systematic account of what she saw during her long stay in what is, in our opinion, by far the most charming portion of North America. And yet, the virtuous satire, wherever it appear, will be essentially unfair and misleading, for Sorrowful yet Lucky has merits which out- weigh its faults.Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. PUBLISHING OFFICE: 27, CHANCERY LANE, LONDON, r W;^'„„|p 1884, . Hamerton pointed out years ago, literal exaggeration in art is often essential to veracity of impression ; and, as Mr. His method ^ains in breadth and largeness; and extensive as is his experience, he is not yet too old to have gained something by assooiati Dn vrith the great stage genius of the day. Eenmardt, who was one of his earlier, has now come to be one of his later, comrades. His " double life " was that of a housebreuer and of a man of honour, prebity, and affisction ; and he ended badly, for he was actually either h^ged for his mifldoeds — for the loss creditable portion of his " double life " — or, at the least, he met that other tragic fate which awaits him in the Slay.Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. Craw- furd studiously and successfully preserves this veracity, we must admit that we fail to establish tho only indictment whioh occurs to ui. There is a groat deal of merit in the new rama, but it has Jtkewise defects of so marked a kind that they must be removed if the piece is to have a popu Ur triumph.A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. Oaakell's Mollv Qibson and Cynthia Kirkpatiick ; and, though grateful for the pleasant reminder, how much more grateful we should be tor a pair of new girl friends not less charming than the old ones because altogether unlike them!Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. 8i -■ "-' — '-m'i ia» Od U«i Sbiplsya (1£ht E.) A Ihn Oc Ui Bhon II Birafs (W.) n« Ah I Bnl* ... II Bt\i]ia^HA..) At Sofbrtak i Btook^i (Miu) B««Maa Ouliine nf Orttk Jlltiorg ; (Cftpt. Al Dser's (A.) Foeme, Plate, Ac, qf Charltt JUimb 11 k.l L. S.'s Our Little Life « Attg Uoff Jkaie on Bcotch Loche ... The annoying habit of telling a story in the present tense is a plague against whiuh all protests Bccm to be useless, probably because of the defective taste which leads both writers and readers to prefer a garish c Sectivencsa to more valuable if less obtrusive qualities ; and the trick of making us miserable at the bcgio- nlng of a story by hinting at the sad things ahead of us appears to be so dear to the ladies who have learned it from Mrs. One of them differs from the work by which he is best known hv being classical in subject and low in relief. Oosse's poem of "The Sons of Cydippe," and represents the moment when they fall down dead in answer to their mother's prayer for their happiness.

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