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In fact, outings like Magdalena Albizu (Dominican Republic) Okay, You probably don’t know who Magdalena Albizu is. As of right now, Albizu is creating movies solely focused on telling the Afro-Latinx story.She wants to add the Afro-Latinx voice – something sadly forgotten and cast aside in our communities – to the cinematic canon. In 2004, Albizu actively attempted to add Latinx voices to American cinema by helping create the Long Island Latino International Film Festival.What’s striking about Larraín is that he was able to tell a quintessentially American story despite being a born and raised Chileno.This speaks of two things: his interest in creating inherently political cinema and his ability to adapt his cinematic voice to different styles and audiences.Aside from , all of Larraín’s movies are focused on exposing the underbelly of Chilean politics and crime.While the subject matter may sound less intriguing to some, Larraín’s strongest trait is that his films are inherently accessible.The low budget is amplified to look expensive by several trick techniques that speak of a director who understands that cinema is more than the money you possess.In this regard, it is no surprise that he is finally starting to become a recognisable name in the U. With only three feature length films to her name, Rondón could very well be perceived as an unknown entity. Her cinematic voice is one that empowers the lower class and tells human tales that speak of the injustices of society.

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But this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be paying attention to her work., Pablo Larraín is becoming a recognisable name in Hollywood.In fact, out of this list, he is perhaps the most popular.What’s most fascinating about Balaguero is that he is finally being recognised outside of Spain.He is currently in post-production with Muse, an English language horror film being co-produced by Fantastic Films, one of the most active horror voices in the U. This movie has the power to catapult Balaguero to well overdue stardom and success outside of the financially inconsistent cinema of Spain. Szifrón’s journey to this point is one familiar with any Latinx filmmaker.

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