Portland baby boomers speed dating

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From buying my condo on the corner at the Jersey shore, to mastering online dating and meeting my boyfriend L, to leaving my full-time job and saying good-bye to my mom, I’ve weathered ups and downs along the way.how could I forget creating an award-winning blog and becoming a yoga instructor too.At this program, participants will have an opportunity to meet a number of members of the opposite sex. The “8 minute dating” sessions will take place in an area of the 4H Building on Wednesday, October 11, according to the following schedule: – p.m. Pew is saying roughly one in every eight Baby Boomers (born from 1946 to 1964) is online and searching for loving. Experts - and Boomers who are online and dating - are quick with opinions. "I met my sweetheart online," said Gretchen Asher, a 56-year-old Portland, Ore. "We just celebrated our two year anniversary.” They met on a free site called Plenty of Fish and, said Asher, “It’s funny, I had a perception that the free online sites served a lower quality single and I was just on Match.com," she said.

There are no singles over 40 or singles over 50 bars or nightclubs for a night out on the town.The grief and loneliness I felt during that period was overwhelming.But thanks to the support and love from family and friends, I came through that period and I’m here to say it’s now lovely on the other side.The first reason for online dating popularity with Boomers is that it is a generation that has some comfort - and familiarity - with the Internet.Looking for a date online is - in some respects - not much different from looking for a great stock to buy and Boomers, definitely, do the latter. Southern California-based cyber dating expert Julie Spira pointed to multiple additional reasons for the jump in Boomer online dating: “Boomers are getting divorced and online dating didn’t exist when they first got married or coupled up.” She added: “Some Boomers are joining online dating sites due to the death of a spouse or a partner.” Reason three: “ Empty nesters are finding time to focus on their love lives now that their kids are out of the house.” Denver psychologist Wyatt Fisher - who also runs a dating site called Christian Crush - agrees that those facing isolation are inclined to take the easy jump online.

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