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812 ' Spalato, Detail of Doorway of Mausoleum • • 81S ^Spalato, Court of Palace (Adam) from old print showing fragments of Grill between columns) 814 ^ Spalato, Facade of Vestibule of Throne-room .

• 816 y Spalato, Detail of Court (Wlha) .816 "^palato, (near) Aqueduct 816 "" Spalato, view from Court toward Mausoleum (from old print in Cassas) 818 ^ Spalato, Interior of Mausoleum (Wlha) • .

• • 122 Decorations of Principal Room in Etruscan House of the Fifth and Fourth Centuries b.c.

(Tomba Del Tridini S) Cometo) 122 Digitized by Vj OOQ IC LIST OP ILLUSTRATIONS ix FACIIIO ff AOB Main Rooms in Etruscan Houses, from Tombs at Vuld (Dunn and Osell) 184 ^Etruscan Sarcophagus of Volumni Fa9ade and Roof of Stone House 184 *Xate Etruscan House with Atrium Tuscanium Dunn) 186 Perugia, Areo D'Augusto, with Etruscan Towers and Wan 181 Etruscan Sarcophagus of Larthia Seianti (Flor- ence) with details similar to Aroo D'Augusto and Porta Margia 186 Etruscan Sarcophagus (Volterra) showing City Gates with Heads in Spandrels and Gallery • 186 v^Perugia, Porta Marsia: Etruscan City Gate re- built during the Renaissance .•••.• 188 "^Fallen, Porta Di Boye and Walls of the Roman Colony of Falerii 148 Fallen, Porta Di Gio Te, Principal Gate of Fallerii 148 ^Nami (near) Augustan and Pre-Augustan Bridge f or the Via Flamina 147 Spoleto, Interior of the Church of the Crocifisso showing profuse and confused use of Roman' Material 188 ^ Spoleto, Arch of Germanicus and Drusus .

C.) 227 ^Aosta, Theater: end wall 2S8 ^Aosta, Theater: plan and elevation (Promis) • • 2S8 ^Aosta (near) Bridge 243 ^ Verona, Amphitheater (only remaining section of outer circuit) 248 Verona, Porta Dei Borsari (principal Augustan City Gate) restored by Gallienus .

• • • 264 - Venma, Amphitheater 269 Verona, Augustan Bridge (Medieval restora- tions on right) 269 Salona, Basilica and Cemetery 270 " Salona, Amphitheater 270 * Salona, Sarcophagi 270 ' Pola, Harbor with Amphitheater 270 Trieste, ^^Arco Di Riccardo,'' Gate of Roman Tergeste (early Augustan age) 284 *' Pola, Amphitheater with one of the Entrances • • 286 Pola, Amphitheater: section (restored) detail and interior (Durm) 289 Digitized by Vj OOQ IC J LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS xi WACIMQ f AOI ' Pola, Detail of Amphitheater, showing method for use of Awning (Durm) SOS "" Pola, Detail of Ri^ Pier of Colony Arch . 5(08 ^/Pda, Temple of Augustus, from old print (Casses) 800 "^Pola, Temple of Augustus: Detail of Gable (Wlha) 800 ^Spalato, Plan of Palace of Diocletian as restored by Adam 804 Spalato, Plan of Modem Town in connection with Diocletian's Palace 807 ^Spalato, Birds-eye view of the Palace, restored (Dunn) (The Esplande is an error: the sea originally lapped the Fafade) 800 " Spalato, Sea-front of Palace of Diocletian as it existed in the XVII Century (Adam) • • • 811 ^ Spalato, Porta Aurea, half-buried (Wlha) • .

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Copyright infringement liability can be quite severe. PROFESSOR "of ANOBNT HISTORY AND ARCRfi OLOOY AT PRINCETON UNIVBRSITT WITH SIXTY-ONE FULL-PAQB PLATES NEW YORK STURGIS & WALTON COMPANY 1010 Digitized by Vj OOQ IC Kyc 73. / "O^V^^yfe Ux^feuo Y^^^t-*^*^^ Copyriiht, 1910 Br STUROIS «t WALTON COMPANT 8etiipftiid«lectrot Fped. 1910 Digitized by Vj OOQ IC CONTENTS WAQM Fmo LOous ▼ I. 8 Praeneste 10 IL The Crrnui or the Hsbnican Leaoue . The Via Appia and the Cities of the Pontine Plain 67 Norba 80 Terracina 97 Circcii 101 IV.

About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. Rome and Eteubia 106 The Temple 118 The House 118 Pen^pa 128 Falerii 141 y. • 89 "^Alatria, Main Entrance of Citadel 89 ^ Alatria, Comer of the Citadel ...'.'•. 52 ' Segni, City Gate, Before 600 b.c 62 -Plan of Norba (Ruins Dating from Eighth (?

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