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Later, Khloe circled back to Lamar, explaining, "When I first got married, it was like my biggest relationship, of course, and the best, and it was like, ' OK, I want to promote it and want everyone to know about this!' and then once our downfall started happening, I was like, ' I don't want to invite you guys into this' because, of course, it's something that you want to promote.

(Apparently, she and Kim Kardashian did that all the time together, which seems like a strange sisterly activity, but no one's here to judge.) "Everyone's like, ' Hey you look like Kim Kardashian! " Ross, meanwhile, charmingly admitted that he doesn't think he's good at sex.So I had to learn, ' Wow, now this is a business.Even though it's my personal life, I still have to remember someone is making money off me at the end of the day, and it's still a business, and I have to abide by my contract.'" Though she insisted she didn't have any regrets about their very public relationship, she said that she's now "more realistic." She also cited this as part of the reason she hasn't been as open about her more recent relationship(s)."I'm now understanding more, ' Okay, maybe let me hold closer to my heart my new relationship,'" she said."Because what goes up must come down — but it will go back up again!

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