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It can also be used for lifting up i Phone screens and removing i Pad digitizers.Plastic Heat Resistant Opening Tool For i Phone Samsung Glass Backs This thin shaped opening tool is ideal for cutting through the adhesive without damaging the colouring on Samsung or i Phone 8/8 Plus/X back glass covers.This will give you a push notification if the app is not open, or if you are on the app you will see "disconnected" with a button underneath "Take me to my car".Clicking on this button brings up a map showing where you parked and your current location.Lightning Audio Earphones/Adaptor Tester Module for JC PRO1000SUse this module with the JC PRO1000S to test the authenticity of Apple Lightning to 3.5mm jack adapters or Lightning earphones. FWR Faraday Bag for Laptops up to 18" FWR Faraday Bag small - NEW 8 Layer Construction Next generation CRU Wiebe Tech Mouse Jiggler Slow MJ-1Use a CRU Wiebe Tech Mouse Jiggler MJ-1 to prevent a computer from going to sleep while you work or play.This plug-and-use device creates constant mouse activity, so your computer won’t go idle and trigger a sleep mode or screen saver-eliminating the need to log in repeatedly.Car Charging Cable That Tells You Where You Parked Your Car - For i Phone Use this clever cable not only to charge and transfer data but to help you remember where you parked!

22 December 2017Replacement Glass Back Cover for Apple i Phone 8 in White Replacement Glass Back Cover for Apple i Phone 8 in Black Replacement Glass Back Cover for Apple i Phone 8 Plus in White Replacement Glass Back Cover for Apple i Phone 8 Plus in Black Ultra Slim 3mm Thin Qi Wireless Charger Charging Pad - White Use this ultra thin, sleek looking wireless charging pad to charge up any Qi compatible device, including the new i Phone 8, 8 Plus and X (i Phone 10).

You can easily dock your Apple Watch with the magnetic charging plate.

W120 11 in 1 Blade Set for e MMC/JTAG BGA IC Repair e MMC ISP Forensic Data Extraction Kit This package now includes the new version of Easy Jtag Plus Box LITEThis kit has been compiled to enable the user to Directly connect to the e MMC chip on devices such as phones, tablets and tomtom while still attached to the device logic board.

Not only does this case provide hours of classic entertainment, it also protects your phone from dents and scratches.

2 CR2032 batteries are included for plenty of play time.

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