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Another variant can occur in roleplaying video games, where battle can stop for dialogue scenes, either for Character Development or rules description.

Enemies will often be present, but they'll hold off on attacking for this purpose.

The Trope Namer is , in which certain actions (most notably talking) are designated "free actions" and can be taken in addition to any other actions within the normal limit of a turn.

Talking does not distract the player from any other actions, and there is no word count limit on how much the player can say.

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This disparity is usually accepted if it isn't taken to extremes.If a comic is translated into a medium where time is a factor, the trope can become obvious.This is particularly common with anime adaptations of manga, where the action — or even time itself — might stop in the middle of the action just so that the hero can deliver a speech of some sort.But often, characters will exposit when it's most needed: at the story's climax, when both the intricacies of the plot and the intensity of action hit their highest. Exposition might explain why the Evil Overlord's death caused the explosion.The Action Girl can deliver impressive lectures on why the monster's Achilles' Heel will work, while still engaging in Waif-Fu.

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