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I believe they stopped wearing this style of shirt about 1960 or so and the Air Materiel Command - shown on the shirt label - became the Air Force Logistics Command in 1961.

My best guess is that these were embroidered and worn in Japan or Korea very early in the 50's.

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In the interim, officers wore the Army's "pinks and greens" and airmen wore ODs (olive drab)this one hat badge & collar brass in number 4 are "transition" brass.The discs are without hallmarks and the hat emblem is KREW, G. Does anyone know for sure if USAF wore these gold cut-out hat emblems before they switched to the silver cut-outs?The WAF bugler photo from 1952 or 1953 shows her wearing the US collar disc on the left collar, so can anyone pinpoint a specific date the gold cut-out wing and prop discs were discontinued?I have visited your site many times: an excellent resource for USAF uniform and security police info.Maybe you could start a new topic about SP collection and that might prompt some other collectors to add their photos to the topic.

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