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Ethan then turned up at the hospital and told her she didn’t have to worry about Oscar and Evelyn anymore.

When the hospital was rocked by a bomb explosion, Hannah attempted to treat the wounded, including Ethan, who had a punctured lung.

She went to the commune to try and talk to them but the group leader, Murray Granger, refused to let her see them.

When Ethan took out a restraining order against Zac, Hannah decided to apply for custody of her niece and nephew.

She reluctantly helped Nate administer antibiotics to Josh at the Braxtons’ when he ran away from hospital.

When she realised Oscar was finding Zac’s attempts to be a father figure stifling, she suggested she and Oscar move out but Zac decided to move out instead.

Like the Internet-loving girl I am, I’d share my wedding Pinterest boards with some of the coordinators I was talking to so they could visualize all the pinecone visions dancing in my head. I’m a Mexican girl marrying the cutest Swiss-German-Nicaraguan you ever laid your eyes on and we’re having a Catholic wedding with a full Mass wherein about fifty percent of the guests will be (you guessed it) Mexican. Here’s what it was: maracas, pink and orange and yellow papel picado, cacti and succulents everywhere, and teeny tiny tequila bottles as favors.

There’s no way to be any more Mexican or less Mexican than what I already am.Since Zac had been out of contact with the family for some time, Hannah had to fill him in on recent history: Sarah had died and in order to deal with their grief Ethan had taken their two children, Oscar and Evelyn, to a so-called self-improvement group that Hannah believed was dangerous.She explained when the twins turned sixteen they would be forced to go through an initiation ritual.She was angry when Ethan again turned up to try and get the children to live with him.She was on duty at the hospital when a pregnant Ricky was brought in with bleeding.

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