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Currently, it’s only live in New York City and invite-only but plans to roll out to other U.

An artist once said: “Love is the spirit that motivates the artist’s journey”, another said: “Art must be an expression of love or it is nothing”.

Online dating websites make it easy to meet people in your area that share the same creative mind with you and who are also looking to start dating and find love in familiar places.

Everyone has that one thing they are looking for in the person they are dating or wish to date.

What other place to find love and inspiration than amongst a community of other creative minds also looking for love or inspiration?

They say you can find inspiration in anything, anyone and anywhere, even the closest people and objects around you.

Yes, that was true some centuries ago but now, it is very possible to meet that artist that is top of your dating list in the very recess of your home, sipping your favourite drink alongside.

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Instead, it could be an early morning run, an afternoon hike, a conversation over coffee, or even skydiving. Tastebuds makes your dating experience about music—and it’s not just for groupies.A few years ago, the general population seemed to scoff at the idea of online dating.But now, thanks to a bevy of apps and perhaps a general openness to finding love on the good ol’ Internet, 40 million Americans have used some form of online dating at one point or another.Then, only women can initiate the conversation within 24 hours. Photo courtesy of Grouper Grouper (i OS—free)No more awkward one-on-one meetings.Grouper sets up drinks between two groups of friends: Three on three.

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